Book Lovers Hilarious Q & A’s

Oh my goodness how much do I LOVE these Christmas book videos from The Book People ? They are just awesome.

They feature a compilation of answers to some of the biggest book questions…

Do you sniff books?
Why do you think Where’s Wally always gets lost?
What are your biggest book bugbears?
What is a Gruffalo?

Here are my answers …

Yes I do sniff books (especially really old ones)

I do think Where’s Wally is a bit daft and that is why he always gets lost

My biggest book bugbears are when my kids read and eat and mucky up the pages (how many times do I have to tell them!)

A gruffalo is what I call my husband when he is being grumpy.


The Book People asked authors, publishers, members of the public and most importantly, children to give their take on these questions with hilarious results!

Here are there responses to what is a Gruffalo?

I wonder what my kids would answer to these questions!!

I absolutely know if you are a big old book lover like me that these videos  are guaranteed to make you smile. You can see thes rest here

I think books makes the most perfect Christmas gift and over half my Christmas presents to friends and family are books this year. Do you buy books for people for Christmas.

What book would you like to be gifted this year?




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