Book Review: Money Smarter A Family Guide

I normally write my book reviews over at my Book Reviews for Mums blog but this one just demands to be reviewed at family budgeting!

The whole purpose of the book Money Smarter is to train our kids to be exactly that. The theory being that kids that become confident and careful with money will be better able to control our financial futures. Everyone wants that for their children don’t they ? But how often do we really sit down and teach our kids about money? Not often right.

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The idea is you follow the chapters in the book week by week for a year  you can really educate your kids well about personal finance.

There are activities for under 10’s and for over 10’s and they can all be done around the kitchen table. I have had a read through and there are some great activities and ideas throughout the book . Chapters look at tax saving options, financial goals, earning money, language around money and many such areas that befuddle many adults.

Asa family we are going to have a go at doing this once i a week  and seeing how we get on. Activities are easy to achieve and child friendly and don’t requite lots of resources just a small commitment of time. We can manage that!

The accompanying CD contains lots of entertaining games and activities to give kids of all ages experience in all the foundation elements of personal finance.

I love that this book is straightforward and simple to work through and that it ‘gets ‘ personal finance education starts young.

It is a book underpinned by sound ethics too. It talks about having

  • reasonable expectations of your child
  • encouraging work for reward to develop motivation and value
  • responsible lending
  • encouraging responsibility and independence
  • Philanthropy

I like that there are ethics taught alongside economics..just as it should be!

Friedgut says about philanthropy

Childhood is a great time to learn about philanthropy. If you prefer not to make a financial donations consider volunteering as a family. Kids can receive a powerful boost to their self esteem when they become aware of the difference they can make. being charitable also encourages kids to think beyond their own impulses

I really like this idea and my kids and I have decide to pledge to raise £100o this year for the railway children charity

We aim to raise £100 this year for their fabulous charity that reaches out to street children all over the world. If you would like to support us every single 31 helps . I plan to have a series of fundraising coffee morning and the kids are going to help me do lots of lovely baking to raise money.

I like this Money Smarter book for lots of reasons but mostly because it makes money a family affair and should pave the way for debt free adults.

Money Smarter is available on kindle and as a paperback on Amazon


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