Boosting a teen’s confidence with National Citizen Service

Boosting a teen’s confidence with National Citizen Service

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of the National Citizen Service and now I just cannot stop telling everyone about it – encouraging them to sign up to the programme.

My niece Jasmine went on it last year after completing her GCSE’s and when I asked her about it she said it was one of the best experiences of her life to date.  She also said she made the best friends and learned so much about herself too.

So what is this programme and what is so good about it and how does it help in boosting a teen to feel like they are a more confident person

The  National Citizen Service (NCS) is a programme for  16 and 17 year-olds ( year 11’s)  across England and Northern Ireland. You can still get your teen signed up for this year..just hop on over to the NCS website

It is such a brilliant scheme and will teach them so much about life and challenges and working together.

It is held in the summer after GCSE’s (so no-one has to miss school) and it aims is to help young people become ‘better citizens.’ This may all sound a bit serious and worthy but actually the overriding components of NCS are that it is fun, exciting and challenging.


Boosting a teen’s confidence with National Citizen Service

NCS is a government-backed programme and it has now been going for 7 years. It is incredibly popular. To date a whopping 400,000 young people have taken part. The programme lasts from 2-4 weeks and includes the following:

  • outdoor team-building exercises,
  • a residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’,
  • a community-based social action project and
  • an end of programme celebration event.

So far seven million hours of community action have been completed.

Seven million!

Now that is very impressive.

NCS aims to bring together young people from different backgrounds for an awesome shared experience. Amazing friendships are formed on these programmes and a deeper understanding of community and diversity is developed. It will also do wonders for teenagers confidence/work ethic before they move on to the next phase of their life and need both these attributes in abundance.


But isn’t it expensive?

NCS is really accessible – they provide support where is needed to individuals and they have a variety of dates on offer. It is also incredible value for money, Unbelievably. it costs just £50 and that is including food, accommodation and travel costs. £50 doesn’ t often go far these days but in this case wow – so much for your money!

This year more than 100,000 teenagers from different backgrounds will take part in NCS.

This is the perfect summer activity for your teen and your pocket.


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