Brand New Mobile Tracking App to Keep Children Safe

Mobile Tracking App to Keep Children Safe

A ‘Sat Nav for Kids’ mobile app that allows parents to track their children’s location via their mobile has launched today Using the latest GPS technology, Keep Me Safe lets parents switch on the tracking facility on their child’s mobile before they leave the home, allowing up to two people to follow their route

Isn’t technology a marvellous thing.

Brand New Mobile Tracking App to Keep Children Safe


Keep Me Safe is designed to give parents peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are on the right track when travelling alone or when out with friends. With Keep Me Safe, children can let their parents know that they’ve arrived safely at their destination; whether that’s home, school or at a friend’s house to play. Should a child become distressed or in trouble, an alert can be sent to the trackers disclosing their current location.


“As a mother of two and a grandmother of three, there’s no worse feeling than worrying about whether your children are safe,” explains creator of Keep Me Safe, Gill Kamel.

Giving children roots and wings is easier said than done. Knowing they are safe helps you give them more freedom.

“It’s easy to pop a phone into a child’s rucksack or have your teenagers switch on the tracker when they are out to alert you if they get into trouble. We want to make sure children are safely on the map.”

A former police officer said “In my 30 years of policing, some cases I worked on would’ve had a very different outcome if they’d had access to an app like Keep Me Safe. This app ensures someone’s looking out for you – and there’s the option to instantly raise the alarm should something go wrong.”


The app is free to download from the Android Market ( from today. Subscription to the tracking service costs £39.99 per year and can be paid in monthly instalments. Any additional trackees on the app, for example if you wanted to track two children, cost an additional £9.99 per year.

I think any mum or dad would be delighted to receive this for Christmas


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