Brilliant Budget Recipes: Simple Fried Rice Recipe

This is a recipe from Maggy Woodley from the brilliant family blog Life at the Zoo….

Maggy says….

I always try and cook simple, tasty and nutritious meals – looking at the balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. I also really dislike WASTING food. So one of our favourite “thrifty” and balanced meals is “simple fried rice”. We usually have it the day after we have had rice with another dish (you shouldn’t keep rice in the fridge for longer than a day or so, as it is a high risk food item for Salmonella) and I almost plan the “left over” rice into our meal plan

Simple Fried Rice Recipe

Using the rice as a basis, I then use the meal as an opportunity to use up any other vegetables than need eating – maybe we have a started pepper to use or some beans. I also use food staples such as carrots (very cheap) and frozen peas or frozen sweet corn. In short – mix and match depending on what the season is and what you have in your fridge!


1) Left over rice

2) 1-2 eggs

3) a medley of vegetables, we usually have carrots, peas and peppers

4) Soy Sauce

Oil for frying


1) Fry your raw vegetables until softened.

2) Add the rice. Once it starts sticking to the pan, make a little hole in the middle and crack in your egg(s). Mix them up (so you don’t end up with a fried egg and let them set a little before mixing the egg, the rice and the vegetables.

3) Your fried rice is likely to start sticking to the pan now, so add a generous portion of Soy Sauce – enough to unstick but not too much to make it too salty.

4) Stir it up well. Be sure you heat the rice through and through before serving!

And done. Enjoy your thrifty, left over meal, made easily and quickly and  inexpensively!

Maggy Woodley writes at Life at The Zoo, where she loves to get Cooking with Kids and Red Ted Art for all things Kids Crafty!


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