Brilliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas For 2022

A kitchen is very important to any homeowner, and small kitchens will suffer from a lack of space. It can be a tight situation (literally), so it’s crucial to manage your space effectively. Not doing so can waste vital space that could be used for something else, even if that means just extra floor space for moving around.

However, just because your home has a small kitchen space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on what you want. If anything, a small kitchen will force you to be more creative with what you have, which can turn out to be more stylish!

In this article, we’ll look at small kitchen design ideas for 2022 that you should know about.


Small Kitchen Design Ideas For 2022

Choose A Designer Radiator

It’s time to get rid of that old, clunky-looking radiator. Radiator units are often one of the last things that get replaced in a home when renovated, and sometimes the old units are re-installed!

Opting for a new radiator can save a tremendous amount of space. Designer radiators (in particular) tend to be slimmer and more streamlined to ensure they have less impact on a room’s style. A radiator with a smaller profile will often have a smaller design impact overall.

But if they aren’t floating your boat, then you can always opt for something such as a heated towel rail instead. These are great options for heating and drying whatever you need while saving valuable wall (and floor) space.

Better yet, choosing a more modern radiator will save money on energy.


Work Your Appliances Into Your Counters

This is a common trend sweeping kitchen designs up and down the nation (for a good reason). Having spaces etched out or carved out from your counter units for appliances is a brilliant way to save space.

Instead of appliances taking up their space on the kitchen floor, tuck them away under counters. You may need to sacrifice a cupboard or two, but it’ll be worth the extra floor space in the long run.

Making this change can even give you enough room to finally get a kitchen island installed or to put a dining area in your kitchen.



Organise Your Cupboards And Counters

It can be easy to shove everything in a cupboard to get it out the way and clear counter space. Equally, it can be just as easy to leave things out and let them stack up. Neither is ideal and will lead to cluttering that can be detrimental to the space of a small kitchen.

Why not declutter some cupboards and organise your kitchen? It doesn’t take much to build a small DIY spice rack that can hang on the wall or a small rack using a pinboard to hang your larger kitchen utensils.

Small changes like these can free up a surprising amount of space when combined.


Small Kitchen Design Ideas For 2022


Get Rid Of Conventional Doors

Conventional doors that open inwards use up a lot of space. Small areas such as a kitchen can take up a considerable amount of floor space that could be better used.

You could consider removing your door and making your open kitchen plan; this is fairly easy to do and won’t cost a penny. If you don’t want a completely open plan, then you can add something like a curtain instead.

If you have a bit more budget to spend, then you could opt for a sliding door to add some style and save some space.



Make Better Use Of Shelves

Adding shelves is a great way to save some cupboard space and counter space.

Adding additional shelves a foot above head height is a great option for storage that’s out the way but still usable.

You can use these shelves for all kinds of things, such as storing appliances and utensils you don’t often use – baking trays, rice cookers, blenders, whatever fit.

The best bit is that this can play into the overall theme you are forging for your home. These shelves with utensils and appliances stored on them are great for rustic or cottage-core aesthetics that are all the rave.

Finally, these shelves can even be used for decoration to provide a place for ornaments or other stylish décor options.


In Conclusion

Having a small kitchen space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on kitchen functionality or style. There are a whole host of ideas and designs out there that can help inspire you to make the most out of what you have.

Home design is all at its core: finding that ideal layout and design aesthetic for you with the space you have.


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