BRITA Fill&Go Bottle Review

I was delighted to be asked to undertake a Fill&Go Bottle Review from Brita. I had never heard of these before.

The Fill&Go bottle is just the best new product we have tried in ages.

fill&go, Fill&Go Bottle Review

My kids drink loads of water when out playing sport, at school and always a have a cup b their bedside. When in the house I do give them largely filtered water but they are forever filling up their drinks bottle s from the tap too.

The fill&go bottles have the filter in the lid so it is fine to just pour in tap water. The water gets filtered as you drink it. I just absolutely love this. So very simple.

The filter disk will reduces levels of impurities and chlorine in the water which leaves you with fresh tasting water. My kids said they hugely preferred drinking from these. they look good too very sleek.

Aren’t these just perfect for school drinking bottles!

The BRITA Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle including 4 Filter Discsis available in blue, pink, green and grey and costs from £9.99

BRITA Fill&Go Replacement Water Filter Discs cost around £8 and discs need replacing weekly.



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