10 Easy (and Fun) Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas

Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas

Sometimes you just get sick at looking at the same boring home interiors. If yours seem drab, dull, and uninspiring, maybe it’s time to give your house or apartment a makeover. But that’s easier said than done, since it’s entirely possible you’re currently living on a strict budget.

Don’t fret! According to lifestyle expert, Cali Timmis, spicing up your existing spaces on a budget might seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little creativity it can be quite easy. What’s more, you’ll have a great time doing it.


Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas

Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas


10 Easy (and Fun) Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas

From new curtains to new tablecloths, here are ten easy budget conscience home makeover ideas:


  1. A New Tablecloth that Makes a Statement

Most people never give tablecloths a second thought, unless that is, friends and/or family are coming over for festive dinner or lunch. But by choosing a new, affordable tablecloth that contains eye catching colors and patterns, or that’s made from a fashionable fabric, you can turn a relatively dull dining room setup into something spectacular.


  1. New Curtains and Window Treatments

If your curtains are years old, faded from over exposure to the sun, you can brighten up a room by investing in new window treatments. Exciting fabrics, colors, and patterns that match and/or compliment your décor are especially exciting and surprisingly affordable too. If you decide to order online, you can even choose the amount of curtain sunlight filtration you prefer.


  1. Paint your Shelves

This is also known as brightening up your built-ins. Says Timmis, adding a quick coat of paint to the interiors and exteriors of your bookcases and hutches can offer a welcome color burst to the living room, library, or even the dining room.  


Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas

  1. Makeover your Hallways

You might look at your hallways as simply a means of getting from one room to another. But by adding some flare to these long, narrow spaces, such as a new, brightly colored runner, plus some wall art, and perhaps some shelves and tables, you create a hallway that’s interesting, inspiring, and even elegant.


  1. Make your Furniture the Center of Attention

Talk about an inexpensive but effective makeover idea. It might seem normal to you to set that long couch up against the wall, or place a chair in a corner. But by moving your couches, chairs, and tables into the center of the room, you create more intimacy inside a space, plus it offers the opportunity to create more storage space along the walls. 


  1. Paint it White

You’ve no doubt heard the Rolling Stones song, Paint it Black. In this case, you can brighten up any interior, be it the study, the living room, or dining room, by adding some clean white paint to it. If you don’t want to make the walls white, then add white paint to your trim or even the fireplace mantle.


Budget Conscience Home Makeover Ideas


  1. Add a Center Piece to the Dining Room

Another inexpensive and quick way to brighten up and add a focal point to your dining room, is to add a center piece to the table. From fresh flowers to a piece of unique sculpture, center pieces not only add color and fun to the entire dining room, but they show off your own individual style and personality. 


  1. New Lampshades Shed New Light on a Room

Still looking at the same old lampshades that came with the lamps when you purchased them or got them as a wedding gift? By getting rid of the old shades and replacing them with something more colorful and/or designed with interesting patterns, you create a whole new feel to every room in the house, including the kitchen. It also can give your room a whole new edgy feel to it.


  1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors aren’t just for making sure your hair looks good. They can create the illusion of making a small space appear much larger. They literally expand a small room. You can also choose a mirror with a fancy frame for a classy feel.


mirror cabinet

  1. Not Your Grandmother’s Shower Curtain

Is your bathroom boring? Is it merely a functional space for getting clean? Bathrooms shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to making over your home or apartment. After all, we spend a big portion of our days and nights in there. One easy way to liven up the bathroom is to install a brand new shower curtain. Today’s shower curtains aren’t just the plain, boring solid color models your parents and grandparents hung in their bathrooms. Contemporary shower curtains sport wild, colorful patterns, exciting sports logos, and even iconic scenery from some of the most exotic places in the world.

There’s no reason not to engage in a home makeover just because you’re on a strict budget. You can spend as much or as little as you want. In the case of simply moving some furniture around, you don’t need to spend any money at all. Making your home a happy, inspiring place to be is limited not to the amount of money you have in the bank, but to your imagination.  


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