Budget Gifts on Special Occasions

Budget Gifts Ideas

On special occasions it is really nice to give special gifts but it can be tricky if you are on  a budget but budget gifts can be great!

A recent wedding I attended involved 4 trains, a new outfit, a taxi and overnight in an expensive hotel. There was nothing at all left for the gift. I purposely took lots of photos at the wedding and  printed them up at home and made up an album with them to send as a belated gift. Hopefully it is treasured. All the shots were informal and I tried to photograph everyone there. They should be very different to the others.

I have been to other important occasions where money has been tight and I have had to think outside the box. One Christening gifts I went to i took a show box that I had decorated in pink floral paper (it was a little girl) It had a slit in the top and I had a bunch of pink posts its. I invited all the guests to write a wish on a post it and post their wish in the shoe box which I later gave sealed up for the little baby to open later in life.

Gorgeous Christening Gifts for boys and girls abound. Who doesn’t love  silver spoons and name scrolls, the little first teeth boxes and those special teddies. But if you offer to bake the cake then that’s special too. There are many ways to give special occasion gifts.

Once for my wedding anniversary I wrote out the notes to our first wedding dance and popped them in an old frame. In return J spelt out all our family names in scrabble letter and framed them.


Tap into your creativity and you can always come up with something special no matter what your budget gifts wise,  whether it be a wedding on a budget or a Christening on a budget  creativity wins the day!








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