Budget makeover tips for your living room

I love a beautiful home and I totally believe you can achieve that on a budget.

One of the most important rooms in a home has to be the living room, it is the ultimate place to relax. If you are looking to give yours a makeover without spending too much then look no further.

Here are 10 of my top tips for a budget makeover for your living room.

Plants can also change atmosphere of a room, they breathe life into a room, add a beautiful splash of vibrant green, a host of texture, height and shape and they can really help ‘bring the outside in’. They are inexpensive and a delight. What’s not to love about houseplants?


When it comes to makeover you just cannot beat a real good declutter. Keep only what you adore and what you use, the rest is just taking up space and needs to leave! This on its own can transform a room and really does cost nothing.


How about a collection of funky cushions to jazz up your sofa. They are so much cheaper than replacing a sofa and can add a fresh colour or pattern scheme to your room.

Maya range


All featured cushions are from simplycushions.co.nz who do these lovely co-ordinated ranges


Frida range

Fresh flowers also add a lovely finished looked and beautiful fragrance to a room. A little scout of Pinterest can give you some creative ideas for flower arrangements and these can really be a lovely addition to a room.

Art prints can make a room totally unique and project an energy and mood into a room like nothing else. I love vibrant pop art and this always give a young and modern feel to a room, whereas a seascape may give a relaxed and peaceful aura. Art need not be expensive and if you invest in standard sized frames you can change your prints regularly to keep your room fresh.

Rearranging furniture also makes a big impact on a room and some configurations just work so much better than others. Have a good play around, and see what works. Live with your rearrangements for a few days to see what you think. You can always alter it back. I would always suggest keeping the doorways uncluttered as possible to help the room feel spacious. Less is more.

Painting a room will freshen it up beautifully and makes everything look better. You could even try a new colour or a feature wall to give it a totally new look. If you do it yourself this can also be an inexpensive makeover option.

Accessioning with a new rug can add pattern and colour in the same way that cushions can and it can so much cheaper than replacing flooring. Some rugs can add sensational texture to a room too and give it an luxurious or rustic look depending on he type of fibre you go for. The vibe of a rug can set the tone for a whole room. A monochrome geometric rug can make a living room look contemporary and cool, a faux fur in snow white while can give a cosy Scandi look to a room.


Budget makeover tips for your living room


Fragrances can change the vibe of a room too and whether you achieve that through reed diffusers, air fresheners or candles, it really doesn’t matter. Choose a fragrance you love, alter it with the season or you mood and your room will be instantly refreshed.

Last but not least do think about accessories. These should work to enhance your room rather than just be a collection of random bits you have been gifted over the years. I love natural, seasonal accessories  e.g perhaps a bowl of seashells in the summer and pine cones and conkers and in the autumn. These cost nothing but are just beautiful. Accessories can really makeover a room and from home-made pot pourri to  a pile of vintage books this can be a budget way to really put your stamp on your living room.

I hope these budget makeover tips for your living room inspire you and help you see a frugal transformation is easy to achieve.








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  1. Macs
    October 6, 2017 / 21:21

    Doing any home renovation is quiet pricey and costly. This is a must read blog. Thank you so much for sharing your great idea. I love what you accomplished and it turned out to be so perfect. Thank you for the inspiration.

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