Budgeting for a Funeral

Today – Budgeting for a Funeral

Sadly I have had to help arrange a number of funerals for loved ones in my life.

One thing people don’t like to say about funerals but which is true..funerals can be quite shockingly expensive.

People generally don’t like to talk about their funerals.

This is completely understandable who wants to think of dying. Sometimes however the realities/practicalities of death have to be considered. I have so often had family members pass away whose wishes we didn’t know, we did not know what hymns or service they might want, where they want their ashes spreading and where and what their financial arrangements might be.

budgeting for a funeral

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Budgeting for a Funeral – top tips

It can make a sad and  emotional time even more difficult and upsetting if plans cannot be found and if financial worries abound too.

A relative of mine knew exactly what she wanted when she died she wanted  to be buried with her husband and she wanted a big service at a church. She also know what coffin she wanted. This may sound really sad and yet for her it bought total piece of mind to know what she wanted and that this could be provided for. She also didn’t want to as she saw it ‘burden’ her family with the cost so she had a funeral plan in place.

Funeral plans aren’t as uncommon as you may thing. At companies like insure me online  they are regularly taken up.  I suppose they bring peace of mind. I know it was important to the lady I knew to have this. I think I would want to ensure that I had at least covered the expense of my funeral. I would hate to think someone was left in debt because of me.

Older relatives in particular may have this on their mind and want to organise budgeting for a Funeral

According to Money advice council a basic funeral costs about £2000. This amount is not easy to find all of a sudden and not all deaths enable planning.

Have you has a conversation about budgeting for  a funeral? It may not be nice but it is useful.



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