Built-in wardrobes for the bedroom: differences and features

Built-in wardrobes for bedrooms are trendy because they are very beautiful and can accommodate a huge variety of things in a very limited space. The main advantage of bedroom fitted wardrobes is that they are manufactured exclusively to individual requirements. They are adjusted as precisely as possible in size to the height of the ceilings and the width of the walls.

Built-in wardrobes for the bedroom


Design features of built-in models

A fitted wardrobe in a bedroom should be beautiful, functional, and compact. A bedroom is a place for sleep and relaxation, so most famous designers advise giving preference to calm colors. Bright colors and an abundance of mirror surfaces of furniture facades begin to cause discomfort among their owners over time.

The cabinet can be equipped with a built-in lighting system; this solution is essential if family members get up at different times. Due to internal lighting, the need to turn on the light in the room will disappear, which will preserve healthy sleep for the sleeping person.

The location and content of fitted furniture must be carefully considered because such a wardrobe cannot be rearranged from one part of the bedroom to another or moved to the next room. It should also be taken into account that such furniture cannot be transported from one apartment to another.

A dressing room, unlike a fitted wardrobe, takes up much more space. Its main content is racks and rods with an open storage system (open shelves collect dust well, and all clothes and linen are in plain sight). The frame is not attached to the wall but requires separate racks. Inside the dressing room, you need space for a floor-to-ceiling mirror and a pouf for seating. In addition to all of the above, a full-fledged lighting system will be needed; lighting alone will not do.


Optimizing a bedroom with fitted wardrobes

A hinged wardrobe with a classic opening system needs additional space, and high doors force you to add several sets of hinges for secure fastening. The disadvantage of this option is the loosening of fastenings due to frequent opening and closing of doors and the appearance of an unpleasant creaking sound.

The facade can have a different shape: it can be a concave or convex line, as well as a zigzag.

A transforming cabinet differs from other types of built-in furniture in the absence of a ceiling and a back wall; this design must be secured with anchors (this is the most convenient and less expensive option).

You can install a suspended ceiling in fitted wardrobes; it is best to combine the installation of the cabinet with the installation of suspended ceilings. Stretch ceilings require maintenance; in addition, boxes on the upper shelves of the cabinet can damage the coating, so you need to choose the most durable material for the ceiling.

You can build a TV and audio system into the structure itself, leave a niche for a bed, or equip it with spotlights on the outside or a diode strip inside for greater convenience.


Stylish built-in wardrobes for the bedroom: filling

The internal contents (shelves, rails, drawers, niches for an ironing board, iron or vacuum cleaner, etc.) and the design of fitted furniture give full scope to the owner’s imagination, and a list of simple rules will help beginners avoid mistakes.

When designing, it is imperative to take into account the needs of each family member (girls and women often have more clothes than boys and men); it is also advisable to take into account the presence of wardrobes in other rooms and their functionality so that the new built-in wardrobe does not end up half empty.

You can add pull-out baskets, tie holders, and other useful little things to the interior of your closet, depending on your personal preferences.


Benefits of built-in wardrobes in bedrooms and wall to wall wardrobes in bedroom

Fitted wardrobes for bedrooms have their advantages and disadvantages, but their popularity is growing every day (many housewives dream of such furniture). Among the advantageous characteristics, the following deserve special attention:

  • built-in furniture allows you to choose the most convenient and functional content for the most efficient use of bedroom space and not clutter the room;
  • facades combine functionality with an attractive design to suit every taste in any color scheme;
  • a huge selection of materials on the market for all components of the cabinet, including fittings;
  • easy care of the varnished or matte surface of facades eliminates the need to use detergents because it is enough to wipe off the dust with a microfiber cloth;
  • fitted furniture is a set of elements, each of which can be chosen at your discretion;
  • individual layout helps to make the most of the space in a small bedroom and also helps to compensate for the disadvantages of the layout;
  • sliding door system saves space as much as possible;
  • built-in wardrobe helps to easily accommodate a huge amount of things (bed linen, clothes, accessories, household appliances and even shoes).

In this regard, some nuances should be highlighted. The size must be pre-planned for a specific living area. Installation reduces the usable area that could be used for other tasks. Fitted furniture should be comfortable and beautiful. This is especially important for arranging a comfortable and functional bedroom, taking into account the requirements of all family members. 



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