The Bumper Christmas on a Budget Linky

Well not too long to go. Have you spent a fortune already? I strongly recommend at this point taking stock.

We all need to sit down and work out exactly what you have bought and what is left to buy. Assign a budget to whats left then work only to that budget. Kids don’t need endless gifts your store cupboards do not need packing to the rafters. Keep perspective. make cutbacks if you need too. We were going to eat out Christmas day as a treat but moneys nearly all spent so that has now changed to Christmas dinner pot luck with wider family!  It’ll probably be even more fun.

What budget tips do you have for Christmas , do you make your own gifts? Have a great idea for cards that’s cheap and cheerful? Do you make a great value Christmas dinner. I’d love to know.

As ever my philosophy is if we share what we know about money saving we all win.




The Bumper Christmas on a Budget Linky

Do link up any useful posts and do visit each other to see how to save your self from overspending this Christmas!  It’s amazing what pleasure cardboard boxes with nothing in can bring!

If you do link up please use the badge and link back here so everyone knows where to find all the christmas budget help they need 



christmas on a budget linky





  1. December 6, 2013 / 09:38

    Love the hopper / bouncers and cardboard boz sleigh …. I am so going to do this with my girls!!

  2. December 6, 2013 / 18:16

    Looking forward to seeing all the money-saving tips!

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