Buy your children the coolest mobile accessories this Christmas

Today’s kids are more technologically savvy than ever before. In fact according to recent data from YouGov, 81% of 13-18 year-old phone owners use a smartphone. As such, this year’s Christmas wish lists are sure to be brimming with mobile related accessories and extras. Read on for a list of our favourite buys that the brood are guaranteed to love!


Protective cases

Whether your youngster owns an iPhone, Android or Windows device, the chances of it falling victim to a cracked screen, chipped body or scratched display are worryingly high. When you fork out hundreds of pounds for the latest smartphone device, it pays to keep it protected. Interchangeable cases and skins are a great way to ensure that their phone stays in tip-top condition – no matter how many times they drop it! If you want to really go to town, why not purchase a few different colours and styles so they can customise their phone depending on their mood? You’ll find a plethora of protective case options online from leading retailers such as Phone Shop by Sainsbury’s and Tesco Mobile.



Most smartphones have the ability to house and play hundreds, if not thousands of your favourite songs. Let your child turn their smartphone into a portable music player with a pair of compatible headphones. Look for soft earbuds and longer cords in order to ensure maximum comfort. If your little one loves to chat, a pair of earphones can also transform the phone into a hands-free device.


Bluetooth speaker

Why invest in an ultra-expensive sound system when all you need to do is connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker? There are a huge range of models out there to suit all budgets. For a cost effective stocking stuffer a small and compact model is just the ticket. If Santa’s willing to splash out, go the whole nine yards and invest in something spectacular. Most are compatible with all operating systems which makes it difficult to go wrong. Whether your little ones use it to blast carols or contemporary Christmas rock songs is another story!


Removable gaming controller

If your child loves to use their smartphone to play video games, a removable gaming controller will have them jumping for joy. Whether they’re into racing, shooters or something else, innovative products such as the iControlPad turn smartphones into fully functional gaming consoles for a fraction of the price.


Battery smartphone case

For youngsters with a tendency to forget to charge their phones, a battery case is the ideal solution. When the battery low sign is flashing and communication is set to shut down, simply slap on the charged case and harness emergency power reserves. For a huge range of battery cases at unbeatable prices Amazon is your best bet.


Clip on microphone

Today’s smartphones feature crystal clear HD display and high res video recording power. However one area in which some models fall short is microphones and sound capturing quality. If your child likes to use their phone to make movies, a clip on microphone will help them create professional quality clips in the palm of their hand.


Clip on lens

If your little ones want to take their phone photography one step further why not think about wrapping up a mini clip on lens this Christmas? As well as creating a better quality picture your kids will also love playing around with fun features such as fisheye and widescreen mode.


Whether you’re willing to splurge or are sticking to a budget, mobile accessories are gifts that are guaranteed to delight!




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