Buying a new car for your Family

I have had my little red Fiat Punto for 12 years now and to be honest it is on its last legs (or wheels) and I am on the lookout for my next car. I didn’t pass my driving test till I was 31 and my Punto is my first car (well I did  have a Fiat Panda when I was 17 but never passed my test so it just sort of sat there….)

My criteria for my first car was that it was small, red and shiny ( I know so technical) but since then my needs have changed with the addition of 2 little kids and a busy, busy life.

I have been looking at Options such as the Fiat 500L Trekking


Just absolutely adore the colour  and this car has fabulous traction and 6 airbags….. great stuff for protecting the family (and did I mention the fab yellow!)

Another thing I would want in a family car is room in the boot and good fuel economy. Kids come with lots of stuff  and you do need to be able to cart it around. But size is important to me in a family car and by that I mean not too big. I am not the worlds greatest park-er truth be told. Actually unless it is a big wide space I am really a bit rubbish  You don’t want a big drain on your purse either so a compact family car would be just right.

I struggle with size is when we have other children with us, or when I am trying to take both kids bikes out. Have a look at this new Fiat 500L MPW (Multi Purpose Wagon)  It has 2 additional seats which would just be so handy for me (I do like the 2 tone colour top too! ) We struggle with space in my current car when we go on holiday and this multi function car would be just perfect to fit all our stuff in



I am so ready for a new family car!





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