Buying Second Hand? Why Not?

Guest Post – Buying Second Hand? Why Not?

When you need a new couch, a new car or new clothes, do you consider buying it used? Often, we reject this option; As a matter of fact, second-hand has a bit of a bad reputation, as if buying used stuff is like buying bad, damaged stuff. Truth is, in many ways, buying second-hand is highly beneficial. Read that article, for insights on a habit you should incorporate into your life.


Three Good Reasons to Buy Used

1. You Will Save a Lot of Money

Of all the reasons why second-hand buying is good, money saving is the best and most important. The amount of money you can save by buying things that have a few years of history is incredible. Great items can be found used at half their retail price, sometimes even cheaper. Imagine all the extra money you could have if you could buy everything half-price! You’d be able to take your family on a trip, for example, or you could put more money aside for your retirement.


2. You Can Chose From a Wider Variety of Models and Styles

Who wants their house to look like every other house? While Ikea furniture is undoubtedly great looking, it is also all over the place. By buying second-hand, you’ll have more chance to come across unique pieces of furniture or clothing, and to create a style that is truly yours, truly unique.


3. It is Eco-friendly

The longer the useful life of an object is, the lower its impact on the environment is. When you buy second-hand, no energy is needed to make your product. It’s like recycling! Why buying new cars, toys, clothes, books when plenty are already made and ready to be used again?


Buy… But Also Sell!

Buying second-hand is a good idea; But did you think about selling your own used things? Browse all the stuff you have in your home and see if there isn’t a chair, a bag of old dresses, a bookcase, baby clothes, anything that you don’t need anymore. Instead of throwing it in the trash, make an auction online! It is a great way to earn a little extra money; And you’ll be grateful for all the extra space created in your house.


Avoid Buying Second-Hand…

… Baby Furniture. The few pennies you could save by buying a baby car-seat or a baby crib are not worth the risk. As a matter of fact, how could you know for sure that the product has not been the object of a recall, or still fits the security standards?

…. Helmets. A helmet is designed to prevent fatal head injuries in the case of one accident. Once its been damaged, a helmet has to be changed. Since, often, an accident will only damage the foam located inside the helmet and will not let any noticeable marks, there is no way to be 100% certain that the helmet you’ll buy second-hand hasn’t been in an accident yet.

…. Mattresses, Bed frames and Bed Sheets. One word: Bedbugs!


Websites You Should Check Out


Free and easy to use, Craigslist is a classified advertisement website on which you can find a great variety of products.


Ebay is one of the largest, most important consumer-to-consumer corporation in the world. You’ll find plenty of things on this auction website: Vintage shoes, pets, movie stars’ autographs, furniture and more.



Freecyle is simple and brilliant: A community of people willing to give out their stuff for free. All you need to do is join your nearest Freecycle group: You’ll access the posts of thousands of members offering all kinds of things.

Buying Second Hand? Why Not? is a pot by Mireille a travel, music and theater enthusiast. She wrote for the stage and television, and is now working as a freelance blogger for Standard Life.




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