Buying your first car infographic

I have just bought the second car of my life and it was rather hugely exciting!

It is a cute little Nissan Micra with just 3k on the clock and looking pristine. I am totally in love with it.

I had my little Punto 14 years! Buying it was such a highlight for me in my 30’s, after all it had taken 16 years and 5 seemingly endless attempts to pass my test.

Both times I have purchased an almost new but not quite new car (due to cost) I would love a brand new car but would I veer buy on. Hmm, I am not sure really. If you have a look at this infographic you can see the pros and cons of each.

I have friends who only ever buy new and others who would never consider it. I am intrigued to know where you would fall with this?

Motorparks - Buying your first car (full), first car infographic

There really is so much to consider isn’t there and often for me the colour is my first consideration! This time I have bought white and it is dirty already and every time I see it through the window i am thinking it has snowed. Perhaps I should have stuck with red.

 Infographic supplied by Motorparks who sell a wide range of new and used cars.



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