What you can do to insure you stay healthy

I know it can seem that health problems just randomly seem to occur and we have little control over them. Certainly this is sometimes the case. But we are not helpless in the face of ill health. We can and indeed must make every effort to be as fit and healthy as we possible can.

I know in a family finding time for yourself can be really tricky. I spend each Sunday morning on the sidelines at the football pitch and Saturdays I spend time watching my daughter dance. Usually I spend that time chatting with other parents, drinking coffee and texting. Basically not doing anything with my weekends to enhance my own fitness.

But things can and must change.

insure you stay healthy

I am not getting any younger and recently, my health hasn’t been great and I so need to increased my fitness.

I am a great believer in multitasking to get jobs done and you can multitask your fitness too. I read a great article over on the Living Well section of the HBF  health insurance website. The article  was all about how mums and dads can work out at the sidelines whilst their kids play sport. Such a great idea! It suggests running or power walking round around the pitch or even doing stretching exercises even triceps dips

As it says in the article ‘you’re supporting your family and yourself to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle’

What a great idea.

Making time for yourself is really so important. Many parents I know eat on the run too as they are so busy getting their kids sorted out they neglect themselves, some regularly miss breakfast too. As a family we have a duty of care to ourselves as well as to our children if we aren’t healthy  it impacts on their life too.

Wherever we can squeeze in good healthy eating and exercise we really should. On effect this is all part and parcel of their insurance we have against ill health. Being healthy int he first place can ward of illness and aid recovery. It’s all part of ensuring we have the best chance to be well.



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