Can loans help with a family’s financial security?

I have lots of feelings about loans and  a mix of thoughts. There are so many loans to choose from from high street banks to mortgages to pay day loans or a fiver off your friend. Here are some of my experiences.
Pay day loans make me nervous as I think it’s very easy to get behind this way, having to pay money back when you are paid then running short again and repeating the pattern. But then again I have a friend who it was an absolute life saver for once and he hasn’t got stuck in the cycle so…?
Student loans are a necessity these days for most students who want to go on to study at a University. Without them they would not have the opportunity to attain degress and open up many job possibilities. I had student loans way back in the day and they were brilliant.  I didn’t have to pay them back until I earned well and then it was bit by bit. I didn’t like the feeling of owing though and it spurred me on to take an extra part time job to clear it.
For a family in financial difficulties I think loans can be a much better option than credit card after credit card with interest rates adding up, store cards and  shops that say you can buy now pay in 2050 or whatever. Loans can be arranged so repayments are manageable and sensible, they need to be budgeted for (if you know what I mean).
I guess it is all about why you are taking them out and if you have the ability to repay them. The golden rule when it comes to borrowing money off anyone is only do it if you really need to and make sure you can repay it.
I think loans can help if really needed  but if you get one I would really advise going to a bank not the bloke in the dodgy mac who stands outside the  pawn shop . Not a good plan.

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