Canada Goose Parkas

Have you heard of the Canadian brand Canada Goose Parkas?

Born out of a tiny Toronto warehouse it has become the name in luxury outerwear. 

Canada goose winter collections  deliver exclusively high-quality winter apparel  that meets the practical and fashion requirements of it’s customers. Let’s take a look at what makes it special 

The arctic demands of Canadian living mean outwear needs to be tough and warm! . There are many reasons which make Canada Goose’s production really popular.  For a start manufacturers always use top-quality Canadian Hutterite to prepare light weight coats, jackets, parkas, vests, hats, gloves, and shells. The fabric used in it protects you from biting cold wind and keeps you super cosy. Their clothes function well even under minus 30 degrees Celsius. Now that is impressive! 


Canada Goose Parkas

From it ‘s tiny beginning 60 years ago  Canada Goose now has retail stores in 37 countries. They make their clothes in eight different factories. It is a huge success story. 



Cold doesn’t have to mean un-stylish

How do you dress when you are cold? do you pile on layer after layer of heavy woolen clothes that make you feel completely weighted down. And then if it snows or rains they get soaked through and even heavier. Or do you opt for a lightweight rain jacked that juts fails to keep you warm even if it does keep you dry?

Well there are better options out there you juts need to know where to look. 

The Canada Goose women’s collection has been created to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and still be supremely stylish.  timeless elegance.They work juts as well  in the freezing urban jungle or the polar wilderness.

They offer Ultra-light and versatile hooded jackets which are so easy to wear – as well as  Berkeley jackets cut from stretchy Tri-Durance fabric to keep you completely dry. Canada Goose  outerwear is all about  lightness, performance and comfort.


To face the cold with style,to pop on over and take a look at  Canada Goose women’s parkas, coats, jackets and down jackets

Canada Goose are very proud of the meticulous sewing, finish and quality of fabric used in their clothes. perfect winter apparel. 

You can be all wrapped up toasty warm and completely dry whilst still looking fantastic. Just check out Canada Goose.


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