Celebrate children’s art through poster printing

Celebrate children’s art through poster printing

When my children were small I couldn’t stop their creativity if I tried. They made patterns out of food as well as faces, they drew on anything they could find even the walls; they would paint their arms and arrange play dough in their hair. They loved to create pictures, they loved colour and they were beyond delighted with everything they made.

As they have gotten older I have had to search for more ways to encourage their art, they are more self-conscious and less impulsive now and more inclined to feel discontented with their creations if they don’t resemble real life.

I make sure they have lots of different mediums of art always available and all the tools they could need such as glue and paint, paper and scissors, tissue and pompoms  always to hand oh and googly eyes of course. They are a must.

Celebrate children’s art through poster printing

Encouraging a childs creativity

I like to encourage them through praise and positivity and have found some brilliant ways to celebrate children’s art. Putting the pictures they have painted onto poster printing which we then display in the house really shows the kids how much we value what they have made.  Emailing photos of things they have made to relatives is also designed to make my kids feel good too. 

I put one picture my son made of some gorgeous colourful houses on a hill side onto  a jute bag for great grandma for Christmas one year He was very proud of this and it definitely encouraged him to do more. A little yellow duck my daughter designed went onto some cheap business cards I had printed for my blog.

Another thing you can do is A4 folder printing  so as to store their art somewhere special. Or perhaps you could d start a scrap book with photographs of models they have made in. It certainly takes up less space than keeping them all doesn’t it!

Basically being interested in, proud of, keen to preserve and encouraging of children’s art are all ways to keep them keen. If they see you painting, drawing, making and creating they will be even more inspired,

Red Ted Art is a lovely art and craft blog bursting with ideas if you are need of inspiration.

Piggy bank. 3d render


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