Celebrating 125 years of Boots

I live in Nottingham the home of Boots and it is a company dear to my heart.

My great aunt was secretary to Lord Trent, head of Boots and grandson of the founder Jesse Boot. She was a very elegant lady who also hailed from Nottingham and talked of her time working for him with great fondness. My mum left school and did her secretarial training at Boots and was as speedy as you could imagine ever being at shorthand and typing.

Several of my friends on graduating went to work at Boots and I have done make up trials for them in the past. They are a great company both to work for and use. I find them utterly trustworthy, great value, with excellent customer service and advice. These things are so important when you have young children and you want the best for them.

I collect monthly prescriptions from Boots for one of my children and they could not be more supportive and accommodating, Their pharmacy support is second to none and I rate them highly.

When my children were babies I was part of Boots baby club enjoying freebies, advice and vouchers and I was often found wandering the aisles stocking up on wipes , rice-cakes and calpol!


So Boots has been part of my family life through generations. I feel in safe hands with them and they have always helped me feel secure about meeting my babies needs right from being tiny.

The #BootsBaby125Years celebration film is a look back through the archives and the personal journeys of families through the years. Do have a watch it is just simply lovely.

Boots baby offers a range qulaity baby products that deliver on their promise, at an affordable price. You can visit Boots Baby Range to view the range and for a limited time buy 3 and get the cheapest free on Boots brand baby. (This is valid till Tuesday 31st March on selected items only).

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  1. March 27, 2015 / 11:25

    What a lovely video! Boots have a long history in our family. I remember being really ill and my dear old mum taking me to Boots for some medicine. I was only 6 or 7 at the time and just has we entered the store I was awfully sick all over the shop floor.

    The kind staff took my mum and me to the staff room and made us a drink. Really really friendly and that moment has stuck in my mind for a lifetime.

    Nowadays we regularly visit Boots for our toiletries, prescriptions and eye tests and it’s still the welcoming place as it was all those years ago.

  2. March 29, 2015 / 22:17

    I love the boots baby club , it is the best shop baby club around. I always buy all my baby bits from there as it is a brand i know and trust from my own childhood x

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