Charity shopping for children’s books

If you ask my kids why we should buy books formt he chairtuyshop they would tell you without hesistation (becuas e I have told them a million times. becuase ita win win win they would say…

1) you are recycling saving more trees form being cut down and getting the very most of what has already been produced

2) because you are giving your money to charity rather than a business

3) because its cheaper and you are saving money (that can buy icecream!)

It is that simple. Buying your children’s books from a charity shop is a real good idea.

oxfam books

Our weekend haul from Oxfam hours and hours of pleasure for under £10

(Borrowing them from the library also rocks but my two like to reread their favourites and it is nice to have a bookshelf of your own special books.)

When they outgrow these already second hand books we either gift them to a friend with a younger child or back to the chairty shop. It is indeed a win win win.

Why would you not do this?


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  1. July 15, 2014 / 09:27

    I think buying children’s books from a charity shop is the only way you should buy them. Especially for slightly younger children who aren’t so gentle with the pages.

    Also, once read we normally donate them back to the charity shop itself so another child can benefit from a cut price story.

    – Ricky

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