Chatsters Gabby Review

Last week we were sent an amazing new dolly to review called Chatsters Gabby.

Well she is like no doll I have ever seen before!

Gabby is a robotic interactive doll whose eyes are screens which  invite you to play and her glasses allow you to make choices. Her lips are sensors and if you present her with one of her accessories she will interact with it.

If she is thirsty you can offer a milkshake,  and you can feed her a cupcake too (she burps!) , You can give her a haircut  choose her eye shadow or lipstick colour . She has puppy called and she loves to give Sprinkles cuddles, feed him and tell him off for having bad breath! Gabby has a phone too and she can even send you a text message (you need to download her free app for this)


Chatsters Gabby Review

Anyway it is MUCH easier to show you than tell you… so here is Gabby in action


Gabby knows over 25 games and activities and over 300 words and phrases.

She is cheeky and amusing and I think she is going to be a MASSIVE Christmas hit. My kids thought she was great fun.

Chatsters interactive Gabby is available exclusively through Smyths Toy Superstores  She costs £59.99


 Chatsters Gabby Review


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