5 Cheap Costume Ideas

 Costume parties give you a chance to get creative and become an entirely new character. You’d wear outfits you normally wouldn’t dream of wearing. That’s the catch – why should you spend so much money on something you’ll likely never wear again? Here are some cheap costume ideas so you can be prepared for your next fancy dress party.


5 Cheap Costume Ideas

5 Cheap Costume Ideas

Bob The Builder

To dress up as this iconic children’s character, you only need to buy a couple of props. All you need is a hard hat, some type of high visibility vest, and some denim. It’s simple but it’s brilliant because no-one will ask who you’re meant to be. That high-vis can only mean one thing. Ask around to see if you can borrow a tool belt from someone. It saves you carrying a bag and nicely finishes off the look.


Powerpuff Girls

You’ll need a couple of friends to help with this one, but it’s so simple to do. To dress up as the Powerpuff girls, you’ll need three oversized t-shirts in pink, green, and blue. Black leggings, white socks, and black shoes. Make sure to style the hair right according to each girl and you’ll be good to go.



This look takes a leaf from frat parties in America. The Greek toga. All you need is a bedsheet and a pair of sandals. If you’re not sure how to transform your bedding into a costume, don’t worry. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to make a toga out of a bedsheet. To dress it up further, you could add a flower crown or some gold jewellery.


Punk Rocker

A punk look is perfect for an era or music-themed costume party. You need to wear a lot of black – or tartan – and a leather jacket if you’ve got one handy. Paint your nails black. If you’re feeling daring, use temporary hair dye to change your hair into a vibrant colour. Think red or neons.


5 Cheap Costume Ideas


Of all the costumes on this list, this is the most Halloween-inspired. Dressing up as a witch is super simple. All you need is a black dress and the iconic hat. If you’re feeling inspired you can build on this look with face-paint or dramatic make-up or add some spooky accessories.


Costume parties are a chance for you to have fun and do something different. You can use it as a chance to get creative. Do you have a go-to costume?


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