Cheap Holidays to Greece

Greece has something magical about it for me. I have been their only a few times but each time I have fallen in love with it a little more.

Greek salad

Food is always of great importance to me on holiday. As a vegetarian I can find it tricky to eat abroad but with vine leaves , feta, hummus and salads, lovely breads and oils, tzatziki and olives… I feel I am well catered for . I do love the freshness and the simplicity of Greek food.

The people are generally laid back and relaxed. Their love of family and children shines through the welcome you get in restaurants and holiday homes and you never feel you have to apologise for your kids which is rather wonderful  I think.


I love the white houses with their blue shutters and elaborate gates. All the gorgeous pots overspilling the lovely red flowers shining in the sunshine.

The sunshine of Greece and the blue, blue sea makes me relaxed and happy. Sitting in a little taverna, strong coffee in hand watching the children play on the shore. Just perfect.

Corfu in particular which I visited this year with my extended family is an island of contrast sparkling seas and stunning sandy breaches encircling a mountain filled with forest and the most beautiful of flowers.

Music and singing are key to Greek culture and their is a sense that live is loved there.

Ah Greece. It is my happy place.

I have been looking for cheap holidays to Greece recently as this year we seemed to spend rather a lot. I have found some good deals already. Planning ahead for a holiday is often a good idea. Starting to save now gives us a good chance of getting together what we need. It gives our saving s focus. Booking ahead can also be a good idea..sometimes last minute can cost more. It is well worth exploring earlier bookings.

So my sights next year are set on some Greek sunshine. This summer feels very over to me.Such a shame I do love the sunnier days.

Do you have any plans for next year? How do you save or plan for your holidays?







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