Cheap Home Improvements for a New Home

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you may be a little apprehensive about immediately spending more on comprehensive renovations to your property – especially after taking into account conveyancing fees and the hidden costs of moving. Alternatively, you may be waiting to find the right contractor for your major plans.

But giving yourself time before you commit to bigger home improvement work doesn’t mean you have to live in a work-in-progress. In fact, there are numerous low-budget ways you can make your new house a home – all you’ll need to do is make some small investments of money, time and energy to make big changes to your home.


Home Improvements for a New Home


Repaint the Walls

Giving your living spaces a fresh lick of paint is arguably one of the most transformative low-budget changes you can make to your house. Most new houses will be painted in neutral colours to give potential buyers a blank canvas in which they can visualise their perfect home; these neutral colours may be nice enough, but not necessarily to your taste.

There is also the chance that you’ve bought a fixer-upper, and one which needs a bit of attention before you paint. If the walls you intend to paint show chips or cracks, you may want to use caulk to seal the gaps in order to give yourself a smooth, uninterrupted painting surface.


Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is often the first thing to go in a new house, in favour of brand-new units and appliances. However, re-fitting your kitchen is a uniquely expensive job, and there are some smaller interventions you can make in order to put off that job for much longer.

Rather than replacing your kitchen units entirely, you could instead refinish them, and give them a new lease of life. This could be as simple as repainting your cabinet doors and shelves, but could also encompass replacing the handles with new handles. Together, these can have a much larger effect on your kitchen décor than you might think.



When thinking about decorating your home, you needn’t confine yourself to simple interventions like painting or wallpapering. Personal effects can have a significant impact on the feel and comfort of a space, and this can be especially true of houseplants.

By introducing plant life to each room, you can bring said rooms to life with a blast of colour and vibrancy. Choosing your plants carefully for each room can help you zone in on an aesthetic; hanging plants in the bathroom can help create a maximalist, nature-based aesthetic, while larger plants like monstera can help you frame certain areas or define corners in living spaces.



Never underestimate a good rug. Whether you’re happy with hardwood flooring or have some less-than-flattering carpets to cover up, rugs can help you put your own stamp on a room without expending much energy. Rugs don’t have to be expensive either; charity shops are a great repository for them, allowing you to find brilliant patterns for relatively cheap.



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