How to baby and child-proof your home

When my babies were little I was so vigilant about health and safety in the home (if not a tad paranoid) Babies are just into everything and bless their little hearts they have no sense!. I had cupboard locks and stair gates and rounded corner edges ion furniture. Everything was baby proofed!

I have just been reading over at Rattan Direct that half a million children under the age of 4 are hurt in the home every year. What a completely shocking statistic. And a preventable one.

There is so much you can do to baby proof your home. It is quite an eye opener what  mundane household objects cause injuries to children and it is crucial that parents, grandparents and in fact any child carer is aware of these.

You can test your knowledge over at Rattan Direct with this brilliant quiz on how to baby and child-proof your home

Just a few minutes of your time really could make all the difference.

I am proud to say I got 10/10  and I would love to know how you get on!


child-proof your home


Rattan Direct

Have you heard of Rattan Direct they are the leading rattan furniture suppliers in the UK, they sell beautiful dining sets, garden furniture and sofas. They have such lovely items it is well worth a browse of their site.They also have a rather lovely and informative blog filled with great articles about home and gardens.

One recent article packed full of good ideas was on school gardens and another one I thought was inspired was one on creating texture in your garden paths. I do love a good garden path!



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