Choosing a child’s bed

Choosing a child’s bed

As you may know, I am undertaking a huge home makeover project at the moment and we have just moved onto the bedrooms and have some decisions to make.

I have scoured the internet looking at cheap children’s beds and there is a huge range available and such a variety of styles. TJ Hughes has a great range of Children’s beds, all shapes and sizes, even themed beds! 

I wish that when she was a little younger we had been able to purchase a Princess bed like this for my daughter oh she would have loved it…but due to space constraints, she has just been in a cot bed till recently.

Choosing a child’s bed

Choosing a child’s bed – important advice

The worry with themed beds to is that they will go off the theme and want a new bed pretty soon.

My son had a Thomas the Tank Engine bed when he was really young and he absolutely adored it. I can still recall his little face lighting up when he first saw it. Bless him. He is in a cabin bed now, stylish and sensible, with storage drawers underneath, Well he is the grand old age of 8! This keeps him nice and organised.

For Lisi, I think we are going to need to purchase a high sleeper bed and somehow arrange it over the stair box in the tiny box room that is her bedroom. This way she will get a single bed at last and room for her desk underneath.

From time to time (when they are getting on exceptionally well (it is rare) they tell me they would like bunk beds and to share a room.  I would love this. I could have the box room as a little office and for some peace and quiet. Bunk beds sound such fun don’t they, spending time together giggling till late. It would never last!  They’d soon be squabbling and want their own rooms back.

I think separate beds for now!

Choosing a child’s bed is a collaborative post – you mihgt also like my post on beds for the smaller family home




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