Christmas Day 2021 – 5 Great Ideas to Make Everyone Smile

How are you feeling about Christmas day 2021?

 Oh it is has been another tricky year hasn’t it with the impact of t Coronavirus a year and half in having taken it’s toll. And yes whilst things are better world wise and event wise many people are ill still and many kids are anxious and the financial impact has had a lasting and profound effect. 

 We need Christmas day 2021  to be a good one.

 So I have 5 ideas for  you for Christmas day that wont break the bank but will put a smile on everyone’s faces. 


Socks for Smiles

Christmas Socks are always a winner and make everyone smile. Pop a pair in everyone’s stocking and insist they wear them and then take a photo of everyone’s feet all lined up.  You could even establish this as your new Christmas tradition. We need a bit of fun don’t we  I am LOVING these socks from Sockshop and at £10.99 for 5 pairs you are getting a bargain. 




Invest in a new board game

 We bought a new game last Christmas a tiny box of a game called Game On that has made us scream with laughter every single time we play it. It is good for all ages and involves you competing 1:! in various ways against different opponents. You may have to hum the highest or invest a ferocious animal..lots of different challenges and always a good time. I would highly suggest a  game on hand for a happy Christmas day 2021. 


Get out the family album

If you have your rellies over on Christmas day there is nothing like taking a trip down memory  lane. So get out the old photo albums and lets the happy memories roll on in. It;s lovely for the kids to hear the old family stories and for the older folk to get the chance to tell them. 


Scent your home


Getting your Christmas bake on fills your home with the best scents of Christmas and scent creates the most powerful of memories. So  get out your cinnamon and spice and fill your home with the beautiful scents of Christmas whilst filling your bellies with all the homemade treats. 

 I have to say gingerbread and shortbread are my favourites! 


Put on your own panto on Christmas day 2021

Christmas day 2021 should be marked by something special so why not put on your own panto this year (will save you a fortune too.) If acting is not your family’s forte then how about having a carol concert on Christmas day 2021 and sing LOUD,  that will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit.


So there you go, 5 simple ideas that cost nothing ( or very little ) to make everyone smile this Christmas day. It doesn’t all need to be about the fgifts does it?


Happy Christmas everyone, lets make Christmas day 2021 one to remember 




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