Christmas Eve Traditions in Our House

Every Christmas Eve we visit Uncle Simon and Aunty Kathi for lunch and see the children’s grandparents and play silly games.

Later we go to the crib service at our local church. It has been the same for over 40 years and it’s probably my 40th visit this year.

Then back in our house we will drink hot chocolate and get down the Santa sack. Inside  the children find ‘The Night before Christmas’,  little packages from Santa containing new pyjamas, our Christmas candles and our nativity set. I tell them stories and we light our candle and remember our loved ones. Then I tell them the story of the nativity.

Then they go and have a bath and put on their new Pjs, before coming  down for supper. Just before bed they leave Santa’s treats in the hearth and sprinkle the reindeer dust out the front.

Simple things but delightful, our Christmas Eve is so precious to us.



Love these Pj’s 100% organic from Sense Oarganics £15

These are rather adorable too from BHS ….you can buy a Millie Molly or Mandy doll and then matching nighties or PJ’s for dolly and child!



milly nightie


We were sent one of these from BHS and they really are lovely quality.

Have to have shiny clean hair to go with the new Pj’s on Christmas eve. We have been reviewing the Love Boo range


The sahmpp conditioner and detangling spray. My kids are curly haired and frizzy at times and a good detamgle  is critical!  Love Boo’s range is designed for cjhildren and leaves heair silky nd glossy with all natutral ingrediants like argan oils and coconuty  Its a great detanglers and smells lovely and fresh

And you have to read it…one of the best selling books every December and a poem that captures the excitement of Christmas Eve.

The Night Before Christmas



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