Clean and serene — 5 tips for a spick and span home

Today –  tips for a spick and span home

The search for seasonal pick-me-ups has started in earnest.

But forget extreme diets and Botox sessions, because household cleaning might be the best way to banish the January doldrums. You may have recently read my post on how to keep your home tidy

Well today we are looing at tips for a spick and span home

If you haven’t experienced the cathartic rush of cleaning out an untidy sock drawer, colour coding hairclips and ensuring every household surface is dust-free and dazzling, you’re in for a real treat.

Ready to feel clean and serene?

tips for a spick and span home


Here are five tips for a spick and span home.

  1. Tidying blog

Can being compulsively clean change your life? Read Marie Kondo’s tidying blog and you might be convinced.

Marie’s a professional tidier (yes, that’s a thing) and advocates becoming tidy as the catalyst for spreading joy in your life.

If you’re not yet convinced, browse her blog to boost your domestic science smarts for free. Her evangelical enthusiasm might just convert you to the cause.

  1. Pro duster

Do you desire a duster that’s carefully designed to clean every household nook and cranny and blitz awkward blind spots so that every square inch of your property positively gleams?

Then the Oxo microfibre hand duster is a pretty good choice. Its double-sided design features long fluffy fibres arranged on a flexible head that fits in the tightest spaces and eliminates dust with a deft flick.

There are alternatives on the market, but this terrific tool is a prime pick.

  1. Super sweeper

Buying a quality vacuum cleaner is a no-brainer. Especially if you’ve got extensive household carpeting which needs to be kept completely free of dust, dirt and bacteria.

But bag a manual sweeper from Bissell and you’ll top up your tidying arsenal in fine style. When you can’t be bothered dragging a noisy vacuum from the cupboard, this sleek and affordable device tidies a variety of household surfaces to a decent standard.

And since it’s silent, you can clean all night without disturbing neighbors — just like a domestic ninja.

  1. Tough hand cleanser – tips for a spick and span home

Perhaps you or your partner earn your crust in workshops or industrial environments where your hands become ingrained with dirt. It isn’t easy making sure they’re pristine for the domestic environment.

So here’s an insider tip — keep a tub of tough Swarfega gel in your house for a thorough cleanse before you cook, clean or help your kids with homework.

It’s available online and, apart from being strong enough to bash barnacles off a boat, smells sublime.

  1. Quality mats

The last entry on our list should perhaps be your first purchase. Since your front and back doors should be barriers against dirt and germs, grab a quality mat from Kleen-Tex to ensure no errant dirt and detritus enters your inner sanctum.

The benefits of buying from a dedicated mat manufacturer include 50 years of product development and a track record of keeping homes safer and more attractive. And investing in a good mat prevents you wasting cash on professional carpet cleaners when disaster strikes.

That’s our list! Add your own tips for a spick and span home in the comments section.


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