Clearing out the Clutter – How to Start

Clearing out the Clutter – How to Start

I’ve been clearing out the clutter this week –  how has your week been?

We have been saving money left right and centre this week! let me fill you in on what we have been up to these school holidays. We have been keeping it super simple this week.

1) On Monday we went to The Dice Cup a board game cafe in Nottingham. It has 100’s of board games and under 12’s go free and juts a fiver for an over 14. How fab. They will give you a jug of water for free ( and you can leave grab your lunch and pop back with no bother or extra expense. It was such a fun way to spend a day. Board games are so bonding aren’t they – we had such a giggle

2) Tuesday my kids went to their Gran’s so a freebie day for me!

3) Wednesday we crafted and played games, went for a walk and generally chilled out.

4) Thursday was a library and swimming day. You have to love libraries don’t you, one of the best places ever for free fun.


clearing out the clutter

5) Today is a sort out day. J and I  have been up the loft and bought down over 600 books around 1oo toys animals and 100 cuddly toys about 7 boxes of lego. The whole lot is getting sold or taken to the charity shop. I have already sole £85 worth of books and on Ziffit and 2 trunkis for £10 through my local FB selling page. We have been definitely clearing out the clutter. the loft is the place to start because then you have a place to store things

I am sure I am up on the week!

Have you been clearing out the clutter recently?

Over to you- what thrifty things have you been up to?

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