Complete Vinyl Collection including a Vintage Style Record Player

I got my first CD player when I was 15 and before that it had all been about my tape recorder and our family’s very much loved and well used vintage style  record player.


Vintage Style Record Player


It would sit in the corner of our lounge and again and again spill out Elvis, Ella Fitzgerald and endless country tunes. In time my sister and I commandeered it and The Thompson Twins and Duran Duran  and Haircut 100 took over. Oh how very loved those records were. So much more so than our cds ever were.

Why is vinyl so loved? Is it the physicality of records? Is it their look, shape and feel? Or is it the fact you see them whirling away. I really don’t know the answer but vinyl remains much loved and infinitely special.




Vintage Style Record Player

I was absolutely delighted to be sent the new Complete Vinyl Collection to review It is a music lovers perfect bundle. The set includes a gorgeous retro, portable turntable (in a choice of colours) and a definitive 20 album collectors box set, carefully curated to have something for everyone.

Just absolutely fantastic.

It is a real starters kit, just perfect for someone new to vinyl or for someone who wants to revisit it with a lovely collection already in place.

The record players comes  in Classic Black, Vintage Brown, Pillarbox Red and striking Sky Blue. It is super cute and very portable as it comes in a stylish carry suitcase design.


You can play 33.3, 45 and 78rpm vinyl and it has stereo speakers which allow you to just plug and play wherever you are. A USB port allows for easy conversion from vinyl to digital. You simply connect it to your PC and you can record and transfer tracks onto MP3 or WAV files. The record player can be powered by mains or USB cable and external speakers can be attached.

The Complete Vinyl Collection box set contains 20 albums in a stylish, rigid presentation box  and it looks great. The collection has 287 individual tracks and plays over 14 hours of music.

The albums include Disco Fever, Jazz Masters, Soul Classics, Ultimate Divas, Movie Hits, Jukebox Giants, Blues Masters, Route 66 Legends of Rock & Roll, Sensational 80’s, Sensational 70’s, Best of the 60’s, Country’s Greatest  & Reggae Hits  How cooll si that.

I cannot begin to tell you the fun we have had listening to these records and reminding ourselves of songs we love, or that our parents and grandparents loved. It’s like a box of memory prompters


Vintage Style Record Player

It has been fun too to introduce the children to vinyl and all these great records.

This is a fabulous gift idea for someone you love or for you to your home. It will bring  many hours of pleasure.The Complete Vinyl Collection retails at £159.99 and is a great investment into a lovely library of music. We just love it!

You can purchase it at Currys/PC World or buy online at







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  1. David Richard
    September 29, 2016 / 21:45

    I know the suitcase players aren’t the highest quality players around, but I really love the look. And they’re generally quite affordable, too. Another great benefit is that you can take them with you to the record store. That way you can give any record a try before purchasing, to make sure it works.

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