Considerations for Your Funeral Plans

Today – Considerations for Your Funeral Plans



Although many people consider setting aside some funds for their funeral, if they have specific preferences for the ceremony or arrangements, there are no guarantees they will be followed.


Considerations for Your Funeral Plans

However, if you take a little time to arrange your funeral plans, you can have the assurance that your wishes are followed and you have eased the financial and emotional burden on your family. So, here are some considerations you may want to think about including in your plans.


What Will Happen to Your Remains:

Perhaps the biggest decision for your funeral plans is what will happen to your remains. You can let your family members know your preferences for cremation, burial or even donation, but each of these options will involve costs. If you choose to be buried, you will need to purchase either a mausoleum spot or a burial plot. You can ensure that your directions are followed and remove any doubt about your preferences by making these arrangements as part of your funeral plan.


The Funeral Director:

Searching for a funeral director at short notice can be stressful for a grieving family, so if you want to relieve this burden and ensure that the services of a trusted funeral home are used, you can arrange this in advance. The funeral director will help to coordinate the service followed by the burial or cremation to make this process simpler for your family members. They can help with all of the funeral arrangements including organizing the burial or arranging the crematorium.


Considerations for Your Funeral Plans


The Finances:

One of the largest burdens after a family member has passed away is arranging the finances for a funeral during the grieving process. However, if you pre-plan you can make arrangements to pre-pay for all or some of the services you have organized. This can allow you to take more time to pay for everything you would like for your funeral. This also provides you with the opportunity to find and purchase multiple plots at your chosen cemetery, so your loved ones will also have their final resting place arranged.


Considerations for Your Funeral Plans

The Type of Service:

Funeral services can range from sombre, formal affairs to more casual memorials. By making your funeral plans in advance, you can ensure that your wishes for the type of service are followed. You can choose the service location, who you would like to act as pallbearers and any songs or readings you would like. This allows you to personalize your service; giving comfort to your loved ones and celebrating your life. You can even include if there are specific people you would like to invite to your service. By including their names and contact details, you can minimize the stress for your family and ensure that the person managing your service will include them.

Planning your funeral doesn’t need to be morbid, as it can be a celebration of your life and your passions. By pre-planning you can not only ease the burden of making decisions for your family but ensure that your wishes and preferences are followed.


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