Could you make up a game?

Could you make up a game


Children invited to create a new active game to get the whole nation moving


Games4Life is calling for kids to get inspired by the summer’s exciting sporting events
and invent a new active game – to be in with a chance of winning a Haven holiday for them and their family.

The Change4Life competition is part of the summer-long Games4Life campaign, which aims to help us become the most active host nation ever. Designed to keep boredom at bay during the school holidays – as well as keep kids active – the competition invites children to be as creative as they like in inventing a game which gets everyone up and about. They can be inspired by something they already play or come up with something completely new.

The new game can involve everyday sports equipment, such as a bat and ball or a football, or no equipment at all for the really imaginative.

Judges will be looking for an activity which is creative, practical and most importantly gets everyone moving! Whether the game’s based on an existing one or something completely new, it should also help participants to reach the 60 active minutes a day recommended for children aged five to 18.

To enter, kids just need to:

  • Send Games4Life a short description of their game including its name, details of the
    number of players and any equipment needed and how the game is played.
  • Send a picture showing how to play the game – this can be a drawing or even better a
    photo of them and their friends playing the game [or similar]
  • Send the entry to Games4Life Competition, PO BOX 2740, London W1A 5DQ or visit the
    Games4Life site for more information – including a contact name and number.  Add
    in closing date.


The competition is open to children aged five to 14. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts and the short-listed winners will be announced in September.

For more ideas and inspiration from over 100 indoor and outdoor games, search Games4Life.


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