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Do you think quartzite is the same thing as quartz? If you do, you are not alone. Many homeowners confuse the two countertop materials. However, quartzite is a natural stone that is extracted from the ground in roughly the same ways granite is quarried. Because of its natural composition, quartzite is the right countertop material for several reasons. Some of the reasons are benefits exclusive to using quartzite for a countertop.



Natural Equals Unique

Natural stones typically exude a beautiful tone than enhances the ambiance of a kitchen or a bathroom. Quartzite is usually colored gray or white, but savvy homeowners know the natural stone comes in a wide variety of colors. The unique appearance of each slab of the natural stone means you create a uniquely stylish ambiance for your bathroom or kitchen.


Rugged Durability

Quartzite represents one of the most rugged materials used to design and manufacture countertops. Ranking just above 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, quartzite is the ideal natural stone for a countertop that is used for prepping and cooking food. Think constant chopping. Slicing, and pounding. The material resists the types of chips, dents, and scratches that can diminish the appearance of softer natural stones such as granite and marble. Install a quartzite countertop as the primary accessory for a custom outdoor kitchen.


Heat Resistant

If you plan to install a countertop in the kitchen, you probably have thought about including a range to improve the functionality of the countertop. Quartzite makes the perfect material for a kitchen countertop that includes a range because of its incredible heat resistant properties. With just one treatment of a sealant per year, you get to use a countertop that resists heat better than marble and limestone.


Aesthetic Appeal of Marble

Marble sets the bar high for producing a stunningly beautiful appearance. Subtle lines and a glossy finish enhance the ambiance of a kitchen or a bathroom. Nonetheless, quartzite rivals marble in terms of its elegantly beautiful appearance, without you having to bust the home improvement budget to use the material for the construction of a countertop.


Low Maintenance

Quartzite is easier to maintain than just about any other type of natural stone countertop. It is easy to clean, with just a wipe of a damp cloth all that it takes to restore its intrinsic beauty. Make sure the damp cloth is soaked with a little bit of non-abrasive soap and you will be able to take care of ordinary spills. The natural stone is also stain resistant to a large number of different liquids.


UV Resistant

One of the most helpful home improvement tips for the kitchen or the bathroom is to maximize the use of brilliant sunlight to improve the mood of both rooms. A kitchen countertop strategically installed near a window where the sun glows is an outstanding home improvement idea. However, not every natural stone countertop is a good choice for optimizing the sun’s bright shine. Quartzite resists UV ray damage to deliver the ultimate kitchen accessory to place under the sun.

Quartzite starts at around $60 per square foot, but the natural stone can set you back more than $100 per square foot for complex countertop installation projects. The reason for the high price tag is manufacturers of the natural stone must cut it with diamond blades that requires the expertise of an accomplished professional. The process takes more time, which we know usually means more money. You can calculate an accurate estimate of the cost of a quartzite countertop installation by using a countertop estimator.

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