Cranberry and Feta Appetizers

Cranberry and Feta Appetizers

Lidl is launching its new Digital Hot Air Fryer on December 11th at just £59.99. What an amazing price and what a fab idea for Christmas for someone who just loves to cook.




Cranberry and Feta Appetizers are lush!

The Digital hot air fryer is very swish looking and really simple to operate. It comes with a clear (yay!) little instruction book with some great recipe ideas in too.

The Silvercrest air fryer is a fabulous way of cooking without oil and without having to heat up a huge oven for a short amount of time. So many things can be made in an air fryer from ratatouille to apple pastries, sweet potato fries to appetizers and so much more

It is a really healthy alternative to a conventional deep fryer and its really speedy, really versatile and so very easy to clean.

A win, win, win!


Cranberry and Feta Appetizers

I decided to get fully in the festive spirit and roll out the cranberry sauce. I added a spoonful of cranberry to a few small cubes of feta and placed them in a the middle of a 5cm by 5 cm square of  ready to use puff pastry.

That was it. So simple.

Cranberry and Feta Appetizers

I then simply folded them into triangles. stuck the edges together with a bit of water, pressed down with a fork to seal then brushed with milk.


I had pre heated the air fryer to 200 and added the little traingles in the basket and cooked for 10 minutes.

They were DELICIOUS!




Cranberry and Feta Appetizers

Cranberry and Feta Appetizers are just YUM!




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  1. Sim @
    January 9, 2017 / 09:54

    They look absolutely amazing and I bet they tasted divine! I have only ever heard good things about air fryers and that price in Lidl is not to be sniffed at – I will definitely be looking into it! Sim x

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