Craving a home refresh but the wallet is playing hard to get? Think primpover

When imagining a dwelling makeover, many homeowners may fail to recognize that this move is rarely about breaking the bank! Longing for a home transformation is normal, yet spending fortunes or wasting precious time shopping for decorations is barely ever advantageous when you have other priorities to care for.

If you dream of a home makeover but are pinching pennies, know that home design experts advise retouching old-time items you’re stumbling by in your environment that have once shined but lost lustre due to the march of time. Often, vintage pieces hold unanticipated significance, are better quality than most mass-made décor items, and require close to zero efforts to restore their glow. This is the “primpover” way budget-conscious homeowners increasingly resort to nowadays.

But enough talking! Here’s everything you should know about the rising “primpover” trend and how you can approach it by not spending a dime but only reaping the benefits of an otherwise costly transformation.



What exactly is a “primpover”?

The term “primpover” may not be that widespread yet. Still, it’s gaining increased recognition as homeowners seek (and find) ways to breathe fresh air into their outdated dwellings or reinvigorate the space without actually conducting any makeover projects, especially without spending any money. A primpover is precisely what you need when you’ve grown bored of your home and want to spice things up a little to fall in love again with your environment.

The trick is to use already purchased stuff that doesn’t cost any money for professional washing, dusting, and other restoration processes that make it look new or not that worn. You repurpose and give value again to priceless items that lost their shine due to the passage of time and your ignorance. More often than not, the artful pieces you already own are ten times more valuable than the ones you find in stores or mass-made; they’ve just been neglected. Like many other home décor enthusiasts, you may be tempted to spend money on new stuff only to realize it doesn’t pass the test of time and deteriorates sooner than it should. You may own a few Ankara fabric pieces known for their enduring quality and cultural heritage, yet they’ve been stashed away and slipped from memory. Now is the time to unearth them and proudly showcase them or any other valuable, timeless gem thrown into obscurity.

The whole idea behind this increasingly popular movement is to help cut back on costs associated with home renovations in a world where the cost of living is rising daily. These days, inoffensive delectations such as buying and incorporating home accessories or carrying out other makeover projects are more budget-wrecking than ever, calling for practical solutions such as the one we’re presenting to you.


How can you tell it’s time for a primpover?

Some long-forgotten items are destined to be tossed out at some point, whereas others are like hidden gems waiting to be taken out of anonymity. Should you feel comfortable with your home and unwilling to unbox that well-sealed box of antiquities only to “clutter” your room without feeling like you’ve brought in any change, then the wise way to approach this move is to resort to sorting them out and separating the throwable from the keepers.

However, suppose you feel like throwing away all those items you’ve been gifted, thrift-shopped, or simply don’t feel like complementing your space and personality anymore, then digging through that outdated stuff might surprise you pleasantly. You may find preciousness disguised in facelessness, so take a leap of faith and organize a decluttering day.


The “staggering” way to do it

The concept of primpovering isn’t breaking news. It’s an expansive approach to ‘staging’ with the distinction that it takes expert help out of the equation, empowering you to lead the transformation charge. As a result, your money stays in your pocket instead of going toward professional services and the results can be just as breathtaking. 

Should you want to spend funds on home transformation, you could, too, do the shopping and select the items that bring the highest impact. You can find numerous home design pieces and materials in the endless online store realm and put your creativity to work in fun ways. Just look at the multitude of styles, decors, and colours that AfricanFabs come in, and you can quickly see how effortlessly and entertainingly you can be in charge of your own home transformation.

On the other hand, there are tips and tricks you can collect from those with more experience in primpovering or staging. They are presented as follows:

Take rooms hierarchically

Attempting to remodel more rooms simultaneously can be tempting since you might be tricked into thinking you’ll get the work done faster or more efficiently. However, this can only leave your home in a mess, as you’ll lose the bigger picture by dividing your attention between more areas and end up unsatisfied with the result. Take things gradually and start with the room that needs the quickest and most significant transformation.

Tidy up

For many, transforming a room means simply decluttering it! It’s incredible how far a little organization and decluttering can go. As a golden rule, when you find an item out of use for over a year, this period is a clear sign that you’re better off without it. Don’t be afraid to toss useless stuff out, but be mindful of clogged spaces that give a closed-in sensation.

Build a “staging area”

Third, it’s high time you clear away all the elements that no longer suit you. Look around and pick everything that feels out of place to prepare your space for staging. This step aims to provide you with a blank slate to unfold your home redecoration project.

Reorganize and restyle

Lastly, think about how you’ll reorganize your furniture and restyle your space. Similar home revival attempts require a certain level of imagination and determination because, often, one of the most effective moves you can make is simply to give your rooms a facelift by switching the placement of pieces of furniture.


Yearning for a home revival during difficult economic times or when juggling numerous head-hurting tasks might remain a dream for many, but it doesn’t have to be your case! Every household hides a gem or two that gathers dust throughout time and waits for the creative and observative eye to rediscover them!


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