Create Your Own Calm

Create Your Own Calm is an activity book to help kids manage anxiety and fears, anger and worries and all those big feelings that can cause stress and tension. It is a book for 7-12 year olds and it is packed full of fun and thought-provoking tips



create your own calm


Create Your Own Calm

Children’s mental health has been really impacted by current events with Childline reporting a 37% increase in calls since the Coronavirus pandemic began. Children have struggled with being away from friends and school, lack of routine and worries about health, their family, and the world as a whole.

Next, they have school to return to contend with and all the changes that involve one way systems sitting apart from their friends, new rules.  This is a real time of anxiety for many kids.


create your own calm


Create Your Own Calm is designed to give kids the tools they need to manage their anxieties and contains a host of great tips and topics – these include


  • self-massage
  • earthing
  • anger management
  • worry busting
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • baking
  • peaceful protest
  • calm hacks at school
  • calm hacks at home
  • nature art

and much, much more.


The activities are creative, varied, physical, reflective, and impactful. Each activity is backed by science and has an inspirational quote to accompany it.  By learning to manage their own calm, kids will learn skills that will help them throughout their lives.


Your child can work through the book alone or you can do it together. Whatever works.

I hope you love it just as much as I loved writing it and I hope it helps your child feel more peaceful and in control.


You canorder Create Your Own Calm now

It is available as an ebook  –

and on paperback  –



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