Creating More Space in the Home Without Spending a Fortune

If you live in a small home, the lack of space can often prove infuriating. It will appear cluttered pretty quickly and you may even find yourself tripping up over pieces of furniture or trying to squeeze past them. However, there are ways to maximise a small space and make it feel much brighter as well as more spacious.

Space in the Home Without Spending a Fortune

Here, you’ll discover how to create more space in the home without spending a fortune.

Make use of built-in seating

You may not realise it but buying separate chairs for the dining table can take up a lot of room! Instead, why not maximise the space by investing in built-in seating? It’s affordable, frees up a lot of space and even looks tidier than separate seats.

Invest in sliding doors

Another clever tip to save space is to invest in sliding doors. Think about it, traditional doors need a lot of free space in front of them, so they can open out fully. Sliding doors on the other hand don’t take up any room in front or behind the door.

You can even invest in pocket doors which actually hide away when they’re open. Companies such as Barrier Components, sell full pocket door kits for under £100. It’s a small change that will make a huge difference to the space in the home.

Take advantage of hidden storage 

Are you utilising all of the hidden space in the home? There’s a lot of places you can store items away which you may have forgotten about. Think under the bed, under the sofa, in cabinets and even the space between your sofa and chair.

If all of your hidden storage is used up, buy more! There’s a lot of clever hidden storage accessories you can buy these days.

Make use of mirrors

Finally, mirrors are a fantastic way to maximise the space you have available. They reflect the light, causing the room to appear larger than it really is. A mirror in the hallway for example, can make it appear brighter and much more welcoming.

These are some of the best ways to create more space in the home without spending a fortune. It doesn’t matter how small your space is, there’s a tip above to fit your needs. It’s easier than you might think to create a more spacious looking living space. Just remember, above all else, keeping a clutter-free home is crucial to maximising the space available.


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