Custom made signage for small business owners

When it comes to advertising your business social media can absolutely be your best friend, to  spread the word and drive online sales.

The perks of social media are that is  quick and easy to spread your message and by and large it is free. I’m thinking of Facebook posts, tweets and even Instagram as ways to build your brand and make sales. More and more companies are getting digital in their advertising. Even Pinterest now allow you to market your brand and reach huge audiences.



However there are times when direct contact is an essential part of any small business.

Some of you may have stores, or visit trade shows and you may  well need a sign to advertise who you are. Having a customised sign can be a great advertising tool particularly one that stands out.


You may have lots of design ideas  for your  signage but be unsure how to develop these and this is when a graphic designer could be really useful. Stocksigns is the UK leader in health and safety and custom made signs.  Their service involves expert designers who help you to choose the right materials and fittings so that your signage complies with legal requirements and is fit for purpose and looks just as you want it too. Now that’s handy!From concept to installation they provide a single source complete signage service here in the UK.

Take a look here for more graphic design tools

Different types of signage

There are lots of different types of signage available but here are some that I just love!

Floor graphics

I love the idea of floor graphics as signage. These can be made from durable printed vinyls, over laminated with non-slip clear plastic protection. They look cool and offer something a bit different.

Illuminated signs

Lightboxes with clear fonts and symbols really stand out particularly in our gloomy winters and these can be a really effective way to advertise. Light boxes have had a huge popularity risethis year and they always make people smile.

Labels, tapes and tags

Signage can be through fabric too and labels, tapes and tags can be an inexpensive way to get your branding across and quite a fun way too.

3D lettering

The use of 3D lettering is both funky and practical and it really will create a high level of impact. Integrated lighting or illumination will increase the wow factor even more. I love to see glass 3D lettering I always think it looks very cool and classy. I’m a bit of a fan of neon too if I am honest!

So when it comes to signage there are just so many options. It can be such a great asset to your small business it really is worth taking the time to get it absolutely right.


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  1. mikal shone
    October 16, 2017 / 20:16

    being an owner of small business i find those tips amazing to grow my business well .. love you guys

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