Cutting Things Out to Save the Pounds #5frugalthings

Happy Friday everyone – hope you have had a good week this wekk I am looking at  Cutting Things Out to Save the Pounds


Cutting Things Out to Save the Pounds


Cutting Things Out to Save the Pounds

I’ve been busy doing nothing, much but nursing my cold this week it is driving me a bit nuts tbh it juts will not go away.

Anyway, there has been a bit of money-saving going on (as always) let me tell you about it…


Cutting food waste

I  have been thinking mainly about food this week ( I am always thinking about food) take a look at these root to stem recipes from Jamie Oliver

Such fab ideas to reduce food waste I think – this is the way recipes need to go!


Cut the wrap

Ah, Christmas is looming with its expense and waste and impact in the environment. but we can totally reduce all that with a few creative ideas. Cut the wrap is a campaign spearhead by Zoe Morrison from Eco-Thrifty living – why don’t you join in too?  There are so many alternatives to traditional wrapping paper that are better for your pocket and the environment too. have a look at my beautiful and unique gift wrap ideas


I’ve also been cutting back on popping to the shops

Yep it’s amazing how much I can spend when I just pop to the shops so I have tried to do it leass and less and it seems to be helping!


And thats it 3 th frugally things this week becuase I’m a bit poorly . What have you been up to?

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  1. November 15, 2019 / 22:48

    I hope you feel better soon, it’s a pain when a cold drags on forever. Well done on your frugal things this week!

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