Decoding The Secret Behind The Perfect Dad Gift

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Dads are traditionally hard to buy gifts for. Some may seem to already have everything in the world. Others may only have very niche hobbies, making it hard to buy a gift for them without knowing the ins and outs of their hobby yourself. When asked what they want for Christmas, many dads will exclaim ‘oh, you don’t need to get me anything this year’. As tempting as it is to not buy them anything, we all want to give some token of our appreciation. So what are the perfect gifts to buy?

Whilst every dad is likely to be different, here are just a few gift ideas that are likely to be suitable for any dad.


Avoid work-related gifts

For the dad that always seems to be working, a tie or a nice pair of brogues might seem appropriate. But more than likely, this will only serve to remind your dad of work on Christmas day, when he probably wants to think about anything else but work. Gag gifts can sometimes work such as office toys of funny mugs, but overall you’re best off avoiding work items and less they show an obvious interest for them.


Try exciting new tech

Most dads will be drawn to gadgets. Try not to make these too complex and try to focus on gadgets that are entertaining rather than practical (unless your dad loves DIY, don’t get power tools). For TV lovers, consider a sound bar or and Amazon fire stick. For fitness-loving dads, consider wireless headphones or a fitness watch. You could team up for expensive joint presents such as a tablet or a drone or VR headset.


Consider classic clothing

Don’t try to dress your dad up with the latest fashion styles. He’ll most likely never wear these clothes. Instead opt for classic and timeless clothing that he’ll feel more comfortable wearing. Consider jackets such as men’s Harringtons and trousers such as Levi jeans. Get a nice bag or even a watch.


Think personal

Personal gifts are always appreciated. This could involve a personal engraved message on a hip flask or a lighter or initials stitches onto a scarf or jacket. It could also include reminders of personal memories. Photos are always good gifts – for something a little more appreciative than a single picture in a frame, consider a photo album or a collage.


Theme food or drink around their hobby

Chocolates and beers are often go-to gifts. To make them more unique, try to theme them around your dad’s hobbies and interests. This could include a chocolate guitar or a Star wars themed tankard or a craft beer that shares their first name in its brewery name.


Buy them an experience

For the dad that has everything, experiences are always an ideal gift. Many companies such as Virgin Experience Days offer packages that could include anything from a ride in a supercar to a clay pigeon shooting experience. If nothing takes your fancy, you may even be able to come up with your own experience such as a theatre trip or a meal at a quirky restaurant.


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  1. April 11, 2018 / 05:01

    Great article!
    It’s my dad’s birthday next week and I was looking for ideas on what to buy him.
    I’ve narrowed it down to a hip flask but still trying to decide which one!
    He is a keen golfer and loves Jack Daniels….any ideas?
    Keep those great blog posts coming….

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