Decorating the room of a growing child

Today – Decorating the room of a growing child

The children’s room is probably one of the most suitable rooms of the house to be decorated with wallpaper. After all, unlike most other inhabitants of your above, children grown up fast, way too fast and choosing a wallpaper that fits your child’s growing needs and interests is a sure way to make him happy!


Decorating the room of a growing child



Decorating the room of a growing child

Before their arrival, the room is being decorated to accommodate an infant and you expect this wall décor to last as long as possible. For the nursery room the most common choice is very light and soft pastel colours. Your baby arrival is celebrated with joy and the first few months are spent in this environment. These are unforgettable moments, but your child doesn’t stand still and soon he’ll start first crawling, then walking, then requiring his first bed, with a bar to prevent him from falling out during his agitated dreams.

Before you know, he is in the kindergarten, his limbs outgrow his first bed and it’s time to upgrade to a “big bed”. By the time your child is 4/5 years old the original décor you picked with so much care and thoughts will start to look a little outdated.

Your child has his own passions and interests now and you might most likely need to involve him in the choice of wallpaper before you embark in your redecorating project.  Luckily the choice of kids wallpaper available on the market is richer than ever. Between the various patterns, styles and colours, there is a lot of choice for the decoration of all the rooms in the house. If you like custom wall coverings, you could now also opt for vintage wallpaper.

For example, how about making a boy very happy with this classic vintage wallpaper depicting the covers of classic 1950s and 1960s Marvel Comics? You won’t hear him complaining about it!



Decorating the room of a growing child with fun wallpaper

Do you want a really original and fun wall covering? The most important thing about these children’s wallpapers is that they are fun and seduce children with images of their favourite characters. Mickey Mouse, and other characters of the Disney universe will march on your daughter’s or son’s walls to stimulate thier imagination!


Decorating the room of a growing child


Children love animals and have a particular interest in their lifestyle and natural environment. Why not trying to foster their love for nature with a wallpaper representing colourful animals? The name of each animal is written in clear letter below each picture, helping your little one to associate their image to their names.



Botanical wallpapers are extremely trendy at the moment. They work wonderfully for each room of the house, including the children bedroom. Parents thinking about redecorating their son’s or daughter’s room could therefore take advantage of this new trend and choose from the ever-growing selection available for this theme.

Wallpaper manufacturers offer a wide range of botanically styled wallpapers, including models specially designed for children. With their simple and elegant design, they are ideal for dressing all four walls or creating a delightful feature wall.




Geometric designs when Decorating the room of a growing child

Geometric patterns are another great option for the decorating the walls of the children’s room. Nowadays, manufacturers offer many collections of this theme and they are often designed in clear and neutral shades. They are perfect for customizing the space designed for a little girl or boy. They are a wonderful choice to add colour without seeming overbearing. I have, for myself, fallen in love with this model:


Decorating the room of a growing child


Whichever wallpaper you choose to redecorate the room of your growing child, make sure to involve him/her in the choice of wallpaper. That doesn’t mean you leave your child free to decide for himself. Our suggestion is to preselect from what is available a few models that are suitable for the décor you have in mind, and let your child decide from this selection. This way both parents and child will be happy. Have fun decorating!

Decorating the room of a growing child is a collaborative post – you mihgt also like my post on ways to save money on a child’s bedroom





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