Desert Island Discs Review

I adore Desert Island Discs, having a good old nosy into some influential figures life. I loved to hear Kirsty ask Russel Brand why he couldn’t sit still and oh Maya Angelou was divinely wise.

You can listen to the castaways sharing their life stories and favourite records over at the radio4 archives. I think they are fascinating. Do you know it has been running since 1942 and there are over 1500 episodes you could listen too. Free entertainment at it’s best.

I love the radio, you can be getting on with other things (like driving or writing) whilst it plays away and I think this kind of radio is fabulous (hate adverts and blooming jingles though …aggh!)

Last week I spent a lovely morning wandering around Hockley a really rather quirky, arty area of Nottingham, doing a spot of vintage shopping (more on that in a later post.) I happened across a sweet little shop selling second hand books and music (all in aid of charity too.) They weren’t the cheapest of second hand books but a bargain nontheless and I snapped up this huge and perfect hardback of Desert island Discs so I can be nosy to my hearts content.

It cost £5 (would have been £15 at Amazon)




Does this age me terribly?

Do you know since I reached 40 I have stopped caring and |I fully admit my pleasures are a spot of tea, a little country music, my garden and desert island discs.


I used to be so very rock and roll (well not really… tbh I always liked Rod Stewart, Dolly and growing veg I just didn’t shout about it!) Second hand shops can bring real treasures. Am off to read my book…


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  1. Jen aka The Mad House
    July 7, 2014 / 15:27

    I love DID. I podcast them to listen to them to my hearts content!

  2. July 8, 2014 / 11:17

    Is it really bad to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the show!

    I rarely have the radio on either, he house is usually so full of noise that when I’m here alone I just relish the silence!

  3. Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy
    July 8, 2014 / 20:21

    Oh I do miss the Nottingham charity shops! Great find – looks as good as new!

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