DIY Gifts Made by the Whole Family

Today  – DIY Gifts Made by the Whole Family

Nothing beats a homemade or hand-crafted diy gifts. Not only are they personal and intimate, but they are also a very cost-effective way to make sure everyone you care about feels appreciated. For example, a knitted scarf will probably be treasured for life as opposed to a store-bought scarf. After all, it has an injection of you and your personality in it so what’s not to like?

When it comes to making gifts yourself, although cheap, it can in fact be quite time consuming. But this time can be well spent. Instead of locking yourself away from the family to get crafty, involve them in it – think of it as a family crafting project for all to enjoy. You can have a brainstorming session and decide on a gift idea collectively, then divvy up the tasks according to your family’s skills, hobbies or interests.

With the holiday season well and truly behind us, you can put that Christmas bustle aside and begin to focus on other gifts such as presents for weddings, anniversaries, new babies, Valentines Day, or birthdays. Remember: give yourself enough time for these homemade gifts so that you and your family won’t feel rushed or under pressure during this creative activity.

For inspiration, we’ve put together a list of ideas to help you and your family get started.


DIY Gifts Made by the Whole Family

A family-written book

Books are always a good gift, especially when they’re made by a friend or family. As this is one of the most time-consuming and creative options, it is a particularly good idea for very special occasions. This is also particularly interesting to families that may be especially talented at writing or drawing. A personalised cookbook, a short story collection, a little book of poetry or an illustrated booklet are all fantastic ideas for your first family book! The story you decide to tell should come naturally to you and your family. With various budget-friendly options for printing books, like print24, there’s every reason to make this your next project.


DIY Gifts

Home-cooked items

While pickling and jam-making are particularly Christmassy, other foods are suitable year-round. Homemade chocolate bars are usually a lot of fun to make with younger kids. They can be made from scratch and decorated, garnished and flavoured however you like. Additionally, by learning how to make chocolate, your children will have a better idea of what should and should not be in a tasty but somewhat healthy chocolate bar. There’s a lot of room for fun and creativity involved with homemade chocolate bars. Homemade granola is also a great idea and very easy to do. Choosing the right recipe is half the battle and you can then get creative with the packaging. Another option for home-cooked items is a range of homemade mustards. This idea definitely requires some kitchen skills but the fun starts when you choose the flavours, for example: bacon infused, honey flavoured or a spiced version.


DIY beauty gift basket

Store-bought beauty gift baskets are usually either very expensive or moderately-priced but bad quality. To avoid falling into this trap, why not try making your own? All you need is a few empty jars, some DIY labelling materials, and some natural ingredients. This is fun and educational for all the family and results in an extremely thoughtful gift. Below are some ideas to get you started:

    • An oatmeal, yoghurt and honey face mask
    • A coconut oil and lavender face moisturiser
    • An olive oil makeup remover
    • A honey, baby oil and vanilla bubble bath liquid
    • A nourishing hand and body cream


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