DIY projects you can do with minimal cost and effort

Guest post from – DIY projects you can do with minimal cost and effort

The phrase do-it-yourself can trigger terror in anyone who is keen to decorate their home but is scared of holding a screwdriver. But don’t panic as there are lots of DIY ideas that will both enhance your home and tidy up the clutter along the way.

Before you get started, however, make sure that you have the right contents insurance in case of any mishaps.

DIY projects you can do with minimal cost and effort


 You have masses of books to store but the wall is plasterboard and you wouldn’t even be able to hang a small picture on it, you think, let alone shelves with heavy books.

Buy a couple of ladders from a cheap store and paint them a colour to match your room. Place them by the side of the wall and fit in floorboard-sized planks of wood at intervals along the two sets of rungs. A strong, sturdy and attractive bookcase is ready to be filled.

Lots of people like to keep those thick and expensive monthly fashion and lifestyle magazines, but often tend to run out of room to store them. You can change them into clever stools or tables.

Pile a set of magazines to a height comfortable for sitting and place a thick cushion on top of them. Wrap belts on either side of the pile and tighten the belts until the combination is secure. You can use the resulting stools for both sitting and as a footrest.

Alternatively, place a plank of polished wood on top of the magazines before securing with the two belts. You have now created a coffee table or side table.



 A coffee aroma is always an attraction in a home. Create a subtle coffee effect together with table lighting by filling a small, shallow bowl with coffee beans. Place a night light inside the coffee beans and light the wick. Enjoy the lights and scent when you invite friends for afternoon coffee or dinner.

Strings of Christmas lights are easily lost and every year you find yourself having to buy more. But you can use these lights all year round by winding up the power cable and fitting it into a glass jar or a decorated glass bowl.

Switch on and you have an instant, beautiful lamp. LED lights are best as they don’t produce any heat. You can even add the flickering or colour-change controls for more stunning effects.




 Homes can never have too many pillows, even if you don’t like to see them scattered around. You might need them to add extra height on chairs for smaller guests, or just for kids to play on the floor.

But pillows can look tired very quickly. Revamp a pillow without any sewing by wrapping it up in a piece of fabric or an old scarf. Lay out the pillow in the middle of the fabric, making sure that there is enough material extending from the ends to cover the pillow’s top side. Fold over the fabric from two sides. Roll the extending ends of the fabric on the other two sides of the pillow into points. Bring them over on to the top side of the pillow, tie them together and tuck in the ends behind the tie. Your no-sew pillow case is ready.


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  1. September 20, 2012 / 23:55

    Great tips Becky, I brought a clock from a charity shop and my sister in law sprayed it cream for me to match my bedroom, it ended up doing my head in so I gave it back to the charity shop I brought it from lol xx

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