DIY Wall Hanging Ideas for Each Room of the House

DIY Wall Hanging Ideas


DIY Wall Hanging Ideas for Each Room of the House

DIY Wall Hanging Ideas


DIY Wall Hanging Ideas

It’s always fun sprucing things up in your home once in a while, whether it involves shifting your furniture or applying a fresh houseplant, or a couple. One of the best ways to bring more life to your space is through a fun wall art.

However, this term is so broad that it could mean putting up a few simple strings with embellishments to hanging an extravagant canvas or two, like  DIY canvas prints that add a personalized touch to your decor.


Do you know how easy it is to update your entire home as long as you put some work into researching a few ideas for your walls? In fact, the ideas are so many, that this list doesn’t cover a quarter of what you can do to the walls in each room in your house. Once you are done, your entire home will look like it just underwent a major renovation, and you would have spent only a few dollars.


Floral Initials

Many people think anything with a floral print or pattern is downright pretty, and if you are one of them, you can make flower letters. These easy DIY floral initials are a fun craft that can be done by older kids as a celebration of spring, a birthday, or any other special occasion. A full name or single initial is a cute decoration for your girl’s room.

Creating the floral lettering involves cutting flowers, making holes in cardboard letters, and fitting the flowers through these holes. Cardboard letters cost less than $2, so you can easily make letters that spell out words like LOVE – just get creative!

You have the option of framing them or not, and the result is a look that’s combined and professional. These floral wall hanging letters are incredibly easy to put together, soon your house will be filled with these.


Use Tape and Thumbtacks for Wall Art

To make this décor, you need gold duct tape, brass thumbtacks, stretched canvas, and teal paint. To start, use painter’s tape to create a silhouette of your design, fill the design by pushing the thumbtacks into the canvas until you have it full, and peel off the tape and enjoy your art.

Alternatively, you can use gold duct tape to create stripes on your canvas, cut the tape at the edges, and wrap it around the canvas edge for a gallery-quality seamless look. Take your wall art décor to the next level by having your favorite photos converted to true works of art with services such as Instapainting.


Dipped Painted Spoons as DIY Wall Hanging Ideas

This DIY décor idea is particularly attractive when used in the kitchen. For this simple project, you need household latex paint and your old spoons – or you can buy several at the local thrift store. Start by dipping each spoon at varying angles and depth, shake them off, and that’s it.

Use tape and your table’s end for hanging your paint-covered spoons up to dry. At the same time, make sure you have something like cardboard or paper on the floor so they drip on them. In about 30 minutes, the paint ought to be rubbery with little drips from each spoon.

After the spoons have dried out, lay them on the floor so you have a good idea of how to hang them up on your wall. Hanging them is as simple as using the largest command strips, cutting them to smaller pieces, and sticking the strips to the spoons. The best thing about this art is that spoons are relatively lightweight and easy to hang also in your dining room.


Wrapping up

Are you all set to revamp your entire home? Crazy as it sounds, the tips above can really transform your space. Take a look here for some more great family photo wall ideas


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