Do I need a cleaner?

Do I need a cleaner ?

I ask this question of myself regularly.

Well yes I do really. My house is messy , a bit dirty and could really do with a deep clean and weekly sorting out. Put it this way if we ever have a little kiddy back for tea I have my work cut out tidying it up! I do know why this is, I work really hard and as a family we do a lot of activities both in and out the home. My husband and I also work form home so are constantly cluttering it up and getting in a tidying pickle.

I dream of having a cleaner. A deep clean once or twice a month and a twice weekly maintenance tidy or clean. That would be fabulous.

do i need a cleaner

Round here it costs about £11 per hour to hire a cleaner. So £44 per week and an extra £22 once a month. Now let me see that would come to £188. Yep, that’s why I don’t have one. But oh I dream of this tidy, organised super clean house.

Thing is I will just have to knuckle down and do it myself.

Sometimes rather than pay someone to do a job you are best to purchase the right tools so you can do it again and again yourselves. I know this. Buying a good drill and a great tool kit has really reduced how much we need a handy man.Its a good long term money saving solution.

Buying  a good vacuum cleaner, a multi purpose steam cleaner,a really great mop and even a more robust dustpan and brush will all make cleaning easier. Yes its a case of DIY cleaning  so I need to get the right tools, brush up on my attitude and get on with that spring cleaning I keep mentioning but haven’t yet started!

A bad workmen blames his tools so I need to tool up, stop moaning and start doing!



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  1. April 4, 2013 / 05:42

    Who doesn’t need a cleaner?!!
    But meantime, I’ll join you in finding the best tools – and enough time – to just get it done!
    Enjoying your blog –

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